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Hi Friends,
March has been busy and April is gearing up to be even busier in our household… Lots is happening with my practice and there’s fun and exciting things in the works that I cannot wait to share with you in the coming months!
When life gets busy and I feel my stress levels rising, I rely on my meditation practice more than ever to keep me centred and help me listen to that inner voice for guidance and perspective.
Meditation is one of the greatest tools for me to create and maintain ease in my life. I begin my practice each day by focusing on at least one thing that I have to be grateful for. I find this helps to change my mindset from overwhelm to calm immediately. Then I take a few minutes to recite the prayer that I have included for you below. Then depending on the day and my mood, I will either sit in silence and stillness focusing on my breath or listen to a guided meditation. Taking this time daily, even if it’s only 10 minutes, resets and connects my body, my mind and my spirit. I find by meditating, I am more present and more positive in my day and operate from a place of ease versus a place of fear and anxiety.
Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying I’m super human, always perfect or that I don’t feel stress. I’m not saying I don’t have problems, or challenges – that’s just life. Relying on tools like meditation help me and many of my patients find the calm amid the storm.
In my yoga classes the instructor will often lead us into child’s pose amid a strenuous flow of poses that are really intense. My muscles will be burning, I’ll be feeling fatigued holding intense difficult poses and craving a break. All of a sudden, sitting in child’s pose for a few moments, a brief time of ease amid a vigorous routine, I will feel a sense of calm and renewal. In child’s pose, with my head to the ground and arms to my side, my body surrenders and embraces the moment as it relaxes. Although brief, the pose renews me and I have what I need to finish the class.
Taking a few minutes each day to meditate and refocus, calming your mind and body, is like child’s pose for the routine of life. It is an invitation to surrender and embrace life in the moment. Meditation creates space to embrace ease amid a strenuous routine. It is an alternative to the grasping, striving and achieving culture in our society and opens us instead to embracing and allowing life to flow through us.
The health benefits of meditation are immense, from heart disease to weight-loss there are many reasons to adopt this practice in your life. More than anything, I love mediation as a part of my spiritual practice as it allows me time to connect with my soul and surrender and let go of the things that are stressing me.
The more we can relax and embrace the flow of life, the more we can start to release attachment to the outcome of things, releasing the need that life has to be a certain way. We can let go of  always striving for perfection and instead begin to embrace things as they are. When this happens there is a sense of ease that starts to come over us because we realize that the things we can do something about, we will do something about and the things we cannot control or change we begin to offer them over to the divine.
When we come to the end of ourselves and surrender what we cannot control, interesting things start to happen… We create an openness for miracles in our lives, embrace ease and fall into the flow of life.
Because meditation is such an important part of my life and something I ‘prescribe’ to patients all the time, I have decided to create my own. I am excited to be releasing my first downloadable mediation this next month. So stay tuned!
Until then, I encourage you to create time in your day to meditate.
Try to do this for one week and let me know how it goes…
Here’s to embracing ease!
Divine Beloved,
Help me embrace life in this moment exactly as it is
Help me release all striving and embrace ease
Change me into one who trusts life and surrenders my anxiety
May I move through my life with ease, holding to my centre amid life’s shifts
May I know that all unfolds in the right time and way for the highest good
I am peace
I am light
I am love
All is well

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