Leave the Waiting Room

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Hey there, fellow Spiritual Gangsters!

We’ve all been there. We’ve all waited for something. An appointment, a flight, someone or something to arrive.

Waiting is often regarded as the time spent between one event and another that seems unimportant, a nusance, a waste, the ‘non-event’.

When I was in university I felt this way. I felt like I was waiting until I graduated to start life. (I was in university for 13 years so it was a long wait!) I remember one day becoming aware of what I was doing, that I was ‘waiting’ to live my life. I would always say to myself, “When I get there then I’ll do that…” and so on. Then, one day I realized that I wasn’t really living my life in the present but putting in time, waiting to really live it at some point in the future when I felt ‘established’. I realized that while I was ‘waiting’ for life to begin, that life was already happening. It was happening that very instant and I was missing out! I decided I was tired of waiting to live my life. I wanted to experience my life now not wait until some magical point in the future when I felt I’d arrived and could finally enjoy it.

So many of us do this. We are not present, but living in that mental space of “When I get there, then I will do that.”

Waiting till we feel ready. Waiting till we feel good enough, skinny enough, or educated enough to go after what we really want or do the things in life that bring us joy.

We wait for that magical moment to arrive. That ‘when we get there’ moment, so we can begin to live our lives. But life has already begun – life is happening right now.

It’s like waiting for a flight and believing that life only begins when you get to your destination. That the time spent preparing for your trip, packing, and waiting to board the plane is just ‘putting in time’ waiting for the big event. That life doesn’t begin until you touchdown in some far off land and only then can magical things happen.

But magical things are happening right now. Life is happening right now. 

That far off distant ‘there’ is not more life than life right now. In fact, only right now truly exists. This moment is all we have. 

There is no rule in life to say we can’t enjoy the magic of each moment.

Yes, have goals. Yes, have aspirations… but, let’s stop believing that life doesn’t start until we reach them. We think that real life is something that happens when we arrive. When in reality life is this right now, even in the waiting.

Some of us are convinced that there is always somewhere to get to, but we are already ‘there’. It seems cliché to say it but it’s true. The journey is the destination and the destination is the journey.

When we give up waiting to live our lives, we can actually get to the business of living them as they are right now. 

What would happen if you left the ‘waiting room’?

What would happen if you lived life as if every moment was the destination?

What would you do right now that you’ve been waiting to do till you get ‘there’?

What are you waiting for?

xo, M

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