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My Top 5 Travel Hacks: How to feel well & zen while you travel

Summer is here and for many of us that means we will be travelling. Since moving to Turks and Caicos, I fly a lot (aside from a boat it’s the only way off the island!) And I have adopted many travel tips to maintain my wellness so I can be at my best and enjoy my stay when I reach my destination. Below you will find my top 5 travel hacks to help you feel zen and maintain your wellness while you travel this summer (and beyond!):

1: Make Your List and Check It Twice:

When I became a mom and started travelling with my son I realized the power of a good packing list. It helps to keep my sanity and also keeps me from forgetting essentials – raise your hand if you’ve gotten to the airport and forgotten your passport?!

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a vacation abroad I rely on my packing list to help simplify the packing process reducing stress, keeping me cool as a cucumber. I found this awesome app called Trip List that allows you to create and customize different packing lists. Planning ahead and having a ready made packing list streamlines the packing process – I just open my list and everything is already spelled out for me. Anything that simplifies my life and saves me time is my jam!

There’s nothing worse than starting off your vacation on the wrong foot by being stressed out so take a load off and get your geek on by making a killer packing list. Trust me, you will be glad you did 😉

2. Be On Your Guard: 

Spending your vacation sick in bed is no fun! Regardless of whether you are travelling by train, plane or automobile, your immune system is going to be exposed to lots of pathogens that have the power to derail your health and put a damper on your vacation. Whenever I travel I make sure I take immune supportive herbs and supplements such as Echinacea, Schisandra, Astragulus, Vitamin C and Probiotics. Consult your Naturopathic Doctor about which herbs and supplements are right for you.

Be sure to wash your hands before, during and after travel as well. It’s a simple but powerful immune protective habit. I’m totally one of those people that disinfects the tray table, TV screen and armrest at my seat on an airplane or train. By doing so you reduce your risk of getting sick considerably.

3. Be Like An Onion and Layer It:

Whether you are travelling from a warm climate to a cold one or vice versa, traveling dressed in layers is the way to go. Comfortable breathable clothing that you can add or remove without fuss is essential – not just to keep you comfy and warm, but also for your circulation. Just say no to anything that digs, clings and doesn’t let your body breath and relax!

I always travel wearing a t-shirt or tank top, sweater, comfy pants and a scarf so that I can easily adjust my layers depending on the temperature. Regardless of whether I am travelling to a warm climate, at some point during a flight or train ride I find myself feeling chilled. I love travelling with big soft scarves for this reason. They can act as a blanket or pillow on the airplane and then be worn afterward with many outfits to easily add a little extra warmth.

4. Go Monochromatic:

Save yourself the fuss of piecing together several outfits and pack light by going monochromatic with your travel wardrobe. Whenever I travel these days, I am sure to leave lots of space in my suitcase so that I can bring things back to the island when I return (a girl’s gotta have her peanut butter and maple syrup!) so travelling light is a necessity.

Putting together a few monochromatic outfits instantly makes things easier for me because I can mix and match different pieces to create several outfit options without packing my entire wardrobe. Add in two pairs of shoes (casual and dressy), a few pieces of jewelry and you’re all set!

5. Keep The Poo Train Hummin’:

If you get constipated when you travel you are not alone and I have a few tips to help you keep the poo train hummin’ and stay feeling light and energetic while away.

The first is to be sure to eat light the day of travel. Salad, nuts and seeds, fruit and vegetables are what you want to snack on. Eating a heavy meal the night before or the day of travel will just spell disaster for your gut. Pasta, meats, cheeses and deep fried foods will end up making your system sluggish and make you feel …well… like poop! So be sure to eat light, plant-based foods that are high in fibre to keep your bowels moving and not weight you down.

Drink lots of water and nix the alcohol or sugary drinks. Yes, you probably already know this but I’m reminding you again. This is important, especially if you are on a long flight! Staying hydrated is not only essential for numerous bodily functions – including keeping your bowels moving, but it will also help you feeling and looking your best when you arrive at your destination. Alcohol and sugar are inflammatory foods and travelling is already hard enough on the body, so save yourself (and your cells) the extra stress and keep hydrated with some cleansing H2O.

Keep moving! If you are travelling a long distance be sure to take frequent standing breaks along the way to move your body. This will not only help to keep your bowels regular, but it will also guard against varicose veins, fluid retention and other health ailments. Since sitting is considered the new smoking because of how harmful sitting for long periods of time can be for your health, be sure to get up and move at least once every hour. P.S. On long flights I’m that weirdo doing squats in the back of the cabin 😉

So that’s it! My Top 5 Travel Hacks to keep you feeling and looking your best while you travel! Got any travel hacks of your own? I’d love to hear them! Leave a comment below and share what you’ve found works for you.

xo, M



  1. joanne holowchak says:

    Hi Maryska!
    Always great to hear from you! Great tips.
    On green tea which I’d love to drink but — I’ve read that green tea is not recommended for those with hypothyroidism, which I have. True or false?

    • Maryska Taylor says:

      Hi Joanne, Great question! Yes, in excess it can suppress hormones similar to how cruciferous vegetables and soy can. However, you have to be consuming very large amounts of green tea on a daily basis to have this adverse effect. I would recommend consulting with your ND about this or minimizing your enjoyment to only a few times a week. Hope this helps!

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