Awakening the Warrior Within

Welcome to episode 14!

On this episode of The Nest Podcast, I’m joined by Cassandra Strunk, a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner and mom of 4 who helps women find true health and resiliency throughout motherhood.

Cassandra shares her story of awakening to her personal power through a series of life altering events. After losing herself amid isolation, depression and almost ending up in jail, Cassandra tells the story of how she decided to become the hero of her life, awaken the warrior within and rise from the ashes. 

In this episode we cover:

  • Cassandra’s story of becoming a mother of 4; losing and then finding herself again through a crazy journey
  • How your life changes when becoming a mom and recognizing postpartum depression and social isolation 
  • Using food and alcohol to cope with depression and isolation
  • Claiming self-sovereignty and deciding to be the hero of your life
  • Waking the warrior within and advocating for yourself
  • The power of simple self-care choices and how they can change your day and inspire more empowering choices
  • Reinventing yourself and starting over
  • Self-advocacy, self-worth, taking your power back and taking control of your health 
  • Choosing between being a victim to circumstances or rising to the occasion and empowering yourself 
  • Not needing permission from anyone to listen to your intuition and heal yourself
  • Taking responsibility for yourself and your health
  • Weight-gain, anxiety and depression as signals of mis-alignment 
  • Listening to our bodies and the messages they give us through symptoms
  • Mothering our children while we heal ourselves on our healing journey
  • Modeling the hero’s journey and how to move through hard things for our children
  • Modeling healthy emotions for our children

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