Cyclical Living and Energy Management

On this episode my sister Elyse is back as co-host as we dive into the topics of cyclical living and energy management and how recognizing our cyclical biological blueprint can have incredible influence on our health and well-being as women. Whether it’s supporting hormonal  balance, healing your adrenals or maintaining a healthy weight or strong immune system  – cyclical living can help. 

We talk about the different phases of the female menstrual cycle, how they differ in energy levels, output and nutritional needs as well as how to manage exercise and lifestyle in each phase. 

In this episode we cover:

  • How everything is cyclical, the science of Chronobiology and how that relates to our female biology
  • The different phases of the female menstrual cycle and how it reflects natural cycles found in nature
  • How each phase of the menstrual cycle differs in energy levels, output and nutritional needs
  • How to manage exercise and lifestyle in each phase

If you’re interested in learning more about living in sync with your cycle check out my blog post HERE and be sure to check out The Nest Monthly Membership Community where I teach about this and more in great detail. 

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