Putting Soul Back Into Medicine

Welcome to episode 2!

On this episode of The Nest Podcast, I am joined by my friend and colleague, Dr. Haile Michaelson. 

Dr. Haile is a clinical hypnotherapist, intuitive mentor and coach and retired naturopathic doctor who is pioneering the connection between body and soul. Dr. Haile is also the founder of The SoulStrong Institute, teaching people about embodiment, meditation, deep healing, all in a process designed to move past your blocks and ignite your intuition.

In this episode we cover:

  • Trusting and understanding your intuition
  • Mind, body, soul healing/medicine
  • Soul as the missing piece in the healing paradigm
  • Accessing wisdom and gifts through your soul

Connect with Dr. Haile:

SoulStrong website.

Connect with Dr. Maryska:

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