Healing our Wounds to Heal our Wombs

Welcome to episode 10!

On this episode I’m joined by Ali Ramos, or as some know her “That Endo Gal”. Ali shares her incredible story of healing her endometriosis by healing her trauma and deep wounds from childhood. After 13 years of living with clinical stage 4 endometriosis, countless treatments, 5 failed surgeries, multiple hormone therapies, and living life on 6-8 different medications daily, she hit a rock bottom. 

In 2018 after returning from a year of traveling with her now husband, she was admitted to California’s UC Davis pain clinic. In order to be a participant, she had to agree to return to therapy. As fate would have it, she was paired with someone that practices Psychoneuroimmunology (a mind-body discipline that has evolved in the last 40 years to study the relationship between immunity, the endocrine system, and the central and peripheral nervous systems). At the time she had no idea what this would mean, but after 65 therapy sessions over the span of 3 years, she was able to move through her adverse childhood events, reduce her chronic pain symptoms, work to alleviate insomnia, and as she says, “meet her Inner Child.” 

Her symptoms of Endometriosis have been in remission since November of 2020, and after 27 months of medication tapers, she is finally free of pharmaceuticals. Since then Ali has left the career that she now says was reinforcing her co-dependent patterns and has created her own virtual services to help other women suffering with Endometriosis. 

In this episode we cover:

  • Ali shares her journey with severe endometriosis and how she found healing through holistic and alternative means including trauma work, counseling and psychedelics. 
  • Endometriosis: what it is, and alternative ways to heal it
  • Why we need to “feel it to heal it” and how the mind-body connection can help offer hope for those suffering with endometriosis 
  • How our emotional wounds live in the body and can manifest as dis-ease
  • The limitations of conventional medicine and how holistic & chinese medicine, cyclical living and connecting to our innate feminine blueprint (aka infradian rhythm) can be incredibly healing addressing the root cause of ‘dis-ease’
  • How every woman needs to know about her menstrual cycle and biological blueprint/infradian rhythm in order to be empowered to heal and thrive

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