Sober Motherhood

Welcome to episode 13

On this episode of The Nest Podcast, I am joined by my friend and colleague Dr. Katherine Kremblewski ND. 

In addition to helping mamas train to be “MDs” (mama doctors!) Kat also staunchly advocates for sober motherhood, having quit drinking alcohol herself in early January 2021 after years of “socially acceptable” drinking habits that were ruining her mental health and ability to parent.

Kat and I do a deep dive into the topic of alcohol and motherhood as she shares a particularly sobering moment when she decided that her relationship with alcohol needed to change. 

In this episode we cover:

  • Kat’s journey with alcohol and why she decided to give it up
  • Examining our relationship with alcohol as women and mothers 
  • “Mommy wine culture” and how it’s corroding the sacred bond with our families
  • How as moms and women we’ve gone through a tremendous cultural shift 
  • The role that alcohol plays in our culture for stress relief and social bonding
  • The elephant in the room: humor and its role in exposing our collective pain
  • Reclaiming our sovereignty in how we live our lives
  • Mothering from a place of imperfection and empowerment
  • Taking responsibility for our emotions and doing “the work”
  • How to cope and what to do with intense emotions
  • Alternative ways to deal with stress other than drinking that support our mental health and well-being

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