Welcome to The Nest Podcast!

Welcome to The Nest Podcast: a place where we have down-to-earth, uplifting conversations about women’s health, healing, our inherent feminine wisdom and the magic that happens when we decide to be the hero of our life and not the victim of it. Because you, my friend, have more power over your health and well-being than you’ve been led to believe and I’m passionate about helping you and others reclaim your sovereignty. Here we’ll explore a wide range of topics from holistic nutrition, metabolic health and balancing your hormones to mind-body medicine, and how intuition, spirituality and consciousness are revolutionizing health and healing

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hey there!

I'm Maryska

I'm a Naturopathic Doctor, Healer and Intuitive Guide teaching women a new way to view their health so they can reclaim their power and heal. 

After over 20 years of study, working with women just like you, and navigating my own health journey, I've developed a unique healing methodology I call, The Art of Living. It's the tried and true backbone of all my coaching programs helping women transform their lives.




Empowering conversations on women's health including hormonal balance, restoring your metabolism, healing your gut, skin and nervous system, beating overwhelm and so much more!