Creating Space for You to Show Up in Your Life

A mentor of mine would often quote Aristotle by saying, “Nature abhors a vacuum.” I took me a while to understand this quote and what my mentor was trying to tell me. Once I got it, it was life changing. Literally.
One thing I have discovered is that you need to make space for the things that you want to come into your life; whether that is a new relationship, new job or healing. Whatever it may be.
When we create space in our lives by removing the things that no longer work for us – bad habits, clutter, unhealthy relationships, etc., we create the space for new energy, new people, new opportunities. Because, nature abhors a vacuum – it is just a law of physics. The space created will be filled and, if we are intentional about creating change, the space will be filled with positive change.
So, by loving yourself, removing all the things that are keeping you from doing so, you create the space for the new to enter. You create the space for your Soul to deepen and expand and for the real you to show up.
When our lives are full of ‘clutter’ that does not serve us, what we really need does not have the room to fully enter. It is when we let go of what we do not need, what we do can finally arrive. The idea of letting things go may induce panic for some. It does not mean you have to kick everyone and everything in your life to the curb! I am asking you if there is something you want to change in your life; how can the good even get in the door if your life is so full of things that are not serving you?
“When you make ‘making do’ your normal, you’re giving up precious space to something that isn’t precious to you.” Danielle LaPorte
This means, things you do not use. People who use you. Cupboard clutter that makes you anxious. A job that drains you. Roles you play that make you feel awkward, cheated, compromised, heavy, confused…used — they all need to go. I do not need to tell you, you already know it... and not just because it will make you breath a sigh of relief, to no longer feel burdened, to relieve stress and make you feel lighter. It is because possibility requires space to unfold.
Creating space makes room for you to show up; it makes room for things, people, opportunities that serve your greater purpose in this life, to come into your life.
If it is a new job that you want, make room for it by getting in position for the position you want. Get your affairs in order so when the opportunity comes, you are ready to go.
If you want a romantic relationship with someone who loves and respects you, then stop wasting time dating people who do not, because, well, “they’ll do” or “you don’t want to be alone”.
If it is that friendship that drains all your energy, put up boundaries, spend less time with them or if it is really necessary, move on and create space for friendships that bring you life, not drain it.
If it is that book you want to write, trip you want to take, degree you want to achieve, then clear your schedule, make a plan to make it happen. So when inspiration strikes, opportunity knocks or circumstances line up, you are ready to act. If your calendar is full with ‘should’ obligations that keep you tied up, it is like telling the universe you are not ready yet and there is no room for the blessing.
When you create space, you create possibility.
It is an invitation to joy and fulfillment.
It is your massive cosmic “Yes!” to life.
So I invite you to create space and to see what happens.
The possibilities are endless…
xo, M
  1. Kim says:

    I need to do this

  2. Anthony Brown says:

    What an Amazing message !!!

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