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The Magic of Intention: Take Your Power Back

It was the kind of appointment that makes my heart sing. Sitting across from my patient listening as she poured her heart out, tears streaming down her face. But they weren’t tears of sadness, that’s for sure. They were tears of profound beautiful joy welling up from deep inside her. She was overcome with emotion as she told me the story of how she took her power back.

She told me the story of how in one decisive and defining moment she’d rallied all the courage inside of her and finally said no.

No to years of codependency and toxic shame.

No to guilt and people pleasing.

No to self shaming and negative self-talk.

No to years of self-abuse through emotional eating.

She’d finally said no…

…so she could say yes.

Yes to meeting her own needs and being her own hero.

Yes to writing the book her soul has longed to write.

Yes to more rest and healthier food choices so that her body can heal.

Yes to healthier relationships that make her feel loved and supported.

She sat across from me crying tears of joy after discovering her new found strength and confidence. She could feel herself stepping into the shoes of the woman she’d always wanted to be, and truly always been, but hadn’t had the courage to allow her to emerge. Now here she was, beaming and full of life. Her body was healing and she radiated with new found sovereignty. 

She’d found her power and she’d seized it.

She’d found her voice and she’d used it.

She’d found her birthright and she’d claimed it.

I love these moments – I live for them. It’s why I do what I do. Yes, diet, lifestyle, supplements, acupuncture – all these things have power to help heal for sure. But a shift in consciousness, now that’s the mack daddy of all healing modalities. When someone makes a paradigm shift so big that every cell in their body resonates with a new vibrational frequency stemming from a pivotal ‘ah-ha’ moment – their lives will never be the same. They have significantly changed mind, body and spirit.

Nothing is a greater catalyst for healing than the moment we realize our own power and we choose to claim it.

Our power is found in the present moment – it’s in our choices. How we choose to live our lives in the here and now. You are co-creating your life with the universe whether you realize it or not and your part is the choice of intention.

The definition of intention is, “the determination to act a certain way; our resolve.” It’s our goal, our plan, our purpose or intent. In medicine the word intention also refers to the healing process of a wound. I find this rather fascinating and metaphorical as our intentions do indeed hold the power to heal even our deepest wounds.

When we are intentional about how we spend our true currency, our time, energy and attention, we reclaim our power. Taking your power back is really about acknowledging and embracing self sovereignty.

No one can make you feel anything. No one can make you a victim and no one is entitled to your currency (time, energy and attention). It’s a choice. And when we become intentional and conscious of the choices we make aligning them with what we want to manifest or create in our lives we step into our power.

We say no where we need to, put up boundaries, become intentional of where we spend our time, energy & attention. We also become our own best friend treating ourselves with compassion and love acknowledging our needs and desires and know they deeply matter. We put ourselves first out of our love and respect for ourselves and others knowing that by meeting our own needs and valuing our self-care we are not looking to anyone else to complete us nor are we creating destructive patterns of codependency. We acknowledge and value ourselves and show up authentically in the world and hence serve others more powerfully.

Our lives are ours to create through the magic of intention. Reclaiming your power is then simply a matter of choice. Your choice. 

So what will you choose? How will you co-create your life?

Know I’m always here on the sidelines cheering you on.

xo, M

P.S. Need a little help putting this all into practice? Want to get clear on your intentions and reclaim your power by putting what matters most first? Then check out my free online training, The Priority Playbook here.

  1. Carol says:

    What a powerful article… and you are so right ~ Out power is found in the present moment. And it is our choice. THANK YOU for sharing and inspiring the way you do!

    • Maryska Taylor says:

      Thanks for your kind words Carol! xo

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