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Why Owning Your Self-Care is Essential for Your Well-Being

Health and healing is not just about eating right, exercising and taking supplements or medications. Just as you are much more than just a physical body, health and well-being extends far beyond the physical as well.

True health and well-being comes from nurturing the interconnection and balance of mind, body and spirit — our whole selves — through the daily practice of self-care. 

Through self-care, which I define as the tending to and caring for all the different parts of self (mind, body and spirit), we can create the lasting change that we’re craving. 

I believe self-care to be the essential foundation of health-care. While there’s a time and place for all interventions, nothing has greater impact or carries more weight than the way we choose to care for ourselves on a daily basis.

We hold the power when it comes to our health habits and behavior. Our self-care is paramount in not only warding off disease through prevention but also how we heal and our greater well-being as a whole person. 

I created the diagram below to help explain this concept; that self-care practices are the foundation of health-care, after which we choose interventions as needed accordingly, moving up the pyramid. Again, there’s a time and a place for everything; this is not an either or situation but a way of seeing the continuum of healthcare interventions available to you, putting your personal choices and habits in their rightful (empowering) place, FIRST

The point that I’m trying to drive home is the powerful truth that you have more power over your health and well-being than you may have previously thought and it starts with how you care or not care for yourself on a daily basis. 

No one has more control over the care of your mind, body and spirit than you do. Every day, we’re given the opportunity to care for ourselves in ways that foster or hinder our health and wellbeing.

Connecting and listening to my whole self, my mind, body and spirit, and learning to understand the cues, signals and messages that arise, has become the single most important way for me to take care of myself, find healing and experience well-being in my life.  

Because after all my years of medical training and personal experience on my own healing journey, I’ve learnt it all comes down to this simple truth: When it comes to you and your health, no one else is more qualified or capable of determining what you need to heal and take care of yourself than YOU!

It’s your journey and who better to inform your self-care and what you truly need for the journey than your SELF

You only need to take your power back and listen to your own internal wisdom versus looking outside yourself for the answers.

By ‘take your power back’, what I mean is to take ownership of your body, your thoughts and your actions. Taking your power back means becoming empowered with the knowledge that YOU have the ability to create change you’re craving. 

The problem is that most of us walk around unconsciously day in and day out having been conditioned to tune-out our inherit body wisdom in exchange for someone else’s opinion. We’ve been conditioned to give our power away and feel powerless… 

When you begin to tune-in to the sensations and read the emotional and physical signals your body is giving you, you can begin to process what it is you need to truly take care of yourself and discover that the medicine (ie. the answers and guidance you’re looking for)  are within you. 

What does this look like?

It’s honouring and listening to your body; What is your body telling you that it needs? Cleaner, healthier food? More rest? More movement? What physical symptoms are you experiencing and what is your body telling you through them?

It’s creating awareness and listening to the clues that arise from your mind; Are you so overcome with overwhelm, anxiety and stress that you lose your temper with your co-workers, children or partner? Do you get caught up in negative self talk or false perceptions that keep you fearful and stuck?

It’s nurturing and hearing the messages from your soul; Are you feeling disconnected or purposeless? Have you lost your creative spark? Are you feeling depressed and wishing for greater joy and meaning in your life?

When we learn to pay attention and listen to the messages that arise from our inner knowing, we can make healthier choices; whether it’s what we choose to think, how we care for our bodies or where and with whom to invest our precious time and energy. 

If you’re reading this thinking, “That sounds great Maryska, but I don’t know where the heck to start with all this!”

Or you’re feeling super overwhelmed and defeated, this is where I can help.

I’m launching my signature course, The Art of Well-Being, in March that walks you through the unique methodology I’ve created to help you lay the foundation for your healing and lasting wellness by taking you from feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start, to a place of empowering you to create lasting change in your life. 

Whether you’re trying to get pregnant, heal an autoimmune condition, lose weight or recover from depression or burnout; whatever your wellness hopes and dreams may be, it starts with the simple process that I outline in my course. 

If you’re not part of my VIP list then I encourage you to click here and join because I’ll be sending out more info about my course soon.

I’m also hosting FREE webinars in March where I’ll be talking about easy steps you can put in place immediately for greater health and well-being. So be sure to sign-up for updates so you don’t miss out!

Until then, you’ll find an array of resources here on my website (the blog & fabulous freebies) to help you care for yourself mind, body and spirit and help you learn to listen to that inner sacred wisdom that helps guide the whole process. 

Wherever you are on your wellness journey I’d love to support and connect with you so leave me a comment below or hop on over to Instagram to chat with me there. 

xo, M

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